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Enchanted Icons

Ella Enchanted Icons
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Hi there! This is broomsticks's community for Ella Enchanted icons. I decided I should start a community specifically for these, since there weren't any already -- and with my rather large obsession with icons, I knew I would start to make some Ella Enchanted ones soon as well. There are, of course, Ella communities, but none especially for icons and I hope that this fandom's popularity will continue to increase and more 100x100 pieces of art will pop up all over the place.

So if you love Ella Enchanted as much as I do, and you have some icons to share, please join! We'd love to have you here; don't be afraid to post! =)

  • No direct-linking icons. This eats up bandwidth and it's just plain mean.

  • Absolutely NO stealing. Comment if you're using an icon and credit if the author wants you to (plus, it's polite to do so). Never claim to have made someone else's icons.

  • If you're posting more than three icons at a time, please use an lj-cut. Some people have slower connections and this will prevent those people from sitting and waiting for images to appear for a long time.

  • That's about it! Now join join join. XD